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A very highly respected, family run business since 1985

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Unlike most companies, Greenfields Services DO NOT just arrive, whip over your carpet/Upholstery, take your money and go ASAP!!!

We arrive, assess the areas you have asked to be cleaned, we then assess any stubborn stains, if any we then treat them with the relevant chemical, (we always hold the relevant chemical on board) however no company on earth can gaurentee the removal of any stain, but trust we do our upmost to remove them, being coffee, wine, naie varnish, make up and so the list goes on, once treated, we then continue to pre-spray the entire carpet/upholstery, agitate in the pre spray then clean using the state of the art petrol driven truck mounted cleaning machine that is mounted in our vehicle, we can run hoses from our vehicles into your property up to 6 floors up and carry out the required job, these state of the art machines are the most powerful machines on the market to date hence giving you the best ever cleaning results possible & also leaving the drying time to a minimum.

This method also avoids bringing bulky heavy cleaning machinery into your property filling with buckets of water from your sink, and having the need to dispose of buckets of grime water within your property as the water we use is supplied from our vehicle and the extracted grime water is fed directly back into the waste tanks based in our vehicle and we then dispose of it in the correct eco friendly manor. As a consumes you just could NOT ask for more

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